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    ., the heady scent of honeysuckle in the clean, fresh air..

    . A place to visit. A place where crystal clear rivers gently twist their way through undisturbed countryside. A place where sandy shores and sparkling seas stretch out to the horizon. A place that feels a million miles away from home, soothing yellows and burnt coppers and reds. A place to soothe your senses with the gentle babbling of a brook.

    A place where the landscape is painted from a seasonal pallet of lush greens, vibrant blues, the sensation of sand between your toes and the mouth-watering flavours of the local fare..that place is Cumbria - the Lake District

    A place to relax英國著名的湖區Lake District(一篇抒情的介紹文厄…)

    let your imagination wander and take you to a place you daydream of. A place where dramatic mountain ranges sweep majestically down to clear blue lakes. A place where peaceful country lanes meander tthrough meadows brimming with wildflowers


    Westminster Abbey

    A resting place of the royals, Westminster Abbey, is one of the most visited churches in the Christian world. It's a beautiful building, full of morose tombs and monuments, with an acoustic field that will send shivers down your spine when the choirboys clear their throats. The roll call of the dead and honored is guaranteed to humble the greatest egoist, despite the weighty and ornate memorabilia.




    大本鐘 大笨鐘,或大本鐘(Big Ben),即威斯敏斯特宮鐘塔,英國國會會議廳附屬的鐘樓 (Clock Tower) 的大報時鐘的昵稱。




    每年的夏季與冬天時間轉換時會把鐘停止,進行零件的修補、交換,鐘的調音等。 Clock Tower, Palace of Westminster The Clock Tower is a turret clock structure at the north-eastern end of the Houses of Parliament building in Westminster, London, England. It is popularly known as Big Ben, but this name is actually a nickname for the clock's main bell. The tower has also been referred to as St. Stephen's Tower or The Tower of Big Ben, in reference to its bell.Structure The tower was raised as a part of Charles Barry's design for a new palace, after the old Palace of Westminster was destroyed by fire on the night of October 16, 1834. The tower is designed in the Victorian Gothic style, and is 96.3 metres (316 feet) high.The first 61 metres (250 feet) of the structure is the clock tower, consisting of brickwork with stone cladding; the remainder of the tower's height is a framed spire of cast iron. The tower is founded on a 15 by 15 metre (49 by 49 foot) raft, made of 3-metre (9-foot) thick concrete, at a depth of 7 metres (23 feet) below ground level. The four clock faces are 55 metres (180 feet) above ground.Due to ground conditions present since construction, the tower leans slightly to the north-west, by roughly 220 millimetres (8.66 inches). Due to thermal effects it oscillates annually by a few millimetres east and west.Clock faces The clock faces were once large enough to allow the Clock Tower to be the largest four-faced clock in the world, but have since been outdone by the Allen-Bradley Clock Tower in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The builders of the Allen-Bradley Clock Tower did not add chimes to the clock, so the Great Clock of Westminster still holds the title of the "world's largest four-faced chiming clock." The clock mechani *** itself was completed by 1854, but the tower was not fully constructed until four years later in 1858.The clock and dials were designed by Augustus Pugin. The clock faces are set in an iron framework 21 feet (7 metres) in diameter, supporting 576 pieces of opal glass, rather like a stained glass window. Some of the glass pieces may be removed for inspection of the hands. The surround of the dials is heavily gilded. At the base of each clock face in gilt letters is the Latin inscription 'DOMINE SALVAM FAC REGINAM NOSTRAM VICTORIAM PRIMAM' meaning 'O Lord, keep safe our queen Victoria the First'.The clock became operational on September 7, 1859.During World War II, the Palace of Westminster was hit by German bombing, destroying the House of Commons and causing damage to the tower's western clockface.The main bell The main bell, officially known as the Great Bell, is the largest bell in the tower and part of the Great Clock of Westminster. The bell is better known by the nickname Big Ben.。



    1、白金漢宮(Buckingham Palace)2、海德公園 (Hyde Park - Speakers' Corner 講演者之角)3、議會大廈 (Westminster Parliament Building)4、大英博物館(British Museum)5、塔橋 (London Tower Bridge)6、倫敦塔 (Tower of London)7、西敏寺(Westminster Abbey)8、劍橋大學 (University of Cambridge)9、牛津大學(University of Oxford)10、溫莎堡 (Windsor Castle)11、唐人街(London Chinatown) 劍橋大學:劍橋大學(University of Cambridge;勛銜:Cantab),坐落于英國劍橋,是一所世界著名的公立研究型大學,采用書院聯邦制,與牛津大學、倫敦大學學院、帝國理工學院、倫敦政治經濟學院同屬“G5超級精英大學”。

    劍橋大學是英國本土歷史最悠久的高等學府之一,學校前身是一個于公元1209年成立的學者協會,是英語世界中第二古老的大學。倫敦塔橋:倫敦塔橋(Tower Bridge)是位于英國倫敦一座橫跨泰晤士河鐵橋,因位于倫敦塔附近而得名。

    倫敦塔橋有時被誤稱為倫敦橋(London Bridge),其實真正的倫敦橋是另一座完全不同的橋梁,位于倫敦塔橋的上游。倫敦塔橋附近著名的旅游點有倫敦塔、圣卡瑟琳碼頭和Shad Thames街。

    從2016年10月1日起關閉到12月30日,以進行35年來首個大規模結構維修。白金漢宮:白金漢宮(Buckingham Palace),是英國的皇家宮殿和國王(女王)辦公的地方。

    白金漢宮位于倫敦威斯敏斯特自治區,是倫敦的一處重要旅游景點,歷史上每逢英國歡慶或是危機時刻,這兒也是不列顛人民一處重要的 *** 場所。 1761年,喬治三世獲得該府邸,并作為一處私人寢宮。

    此后宮殿的擴建工程持續超過了75年,主要由建筑師約翰·納西和愛德華·布羅爾主持,為中央庭院構筑了三側建筑。 1837年,維多利亞女王即位后,白金漢宮正式成為王宮,此后白金漢宮一直是英國王室的府邸。










    Welcome to Cambridge- home of the famous University, carols in King's College Chapel and punting on the river Cam. Cambridge is a compact co *** opolitan city with outstanding architecture old and new. The beauty of its ancient centre is preserved with its walkable medieval streets, college courts, gardens and bridges.

    What's On

    Things to See and Do

    Walks and Guided Tours

    Restaurants, bars, cafes

    FestivalsCambridge is a delight to visit in any season: relax in its many pubs, restaurants and cafes whilst exploring the independent shops around the historic market place. There are brand new shopping areas too, with all the high street favourites that you would expect.

    Be inspired by the museums and art galleries; spot the stars of the future at a student theatrical production, or see a show at the Arts Theatre. Film, live music of all kinds, poetry readings, public lectures - enter into the intellectual life of the students while you are here.

    Cambridge is easy to get to by road, rail or air - just 50 minutes from central London and 20 minutes from London Stansted Airport.

    There is too much to see in a day. Stay a few nights in a Cambridge hotel or bed and breakfast and explore the market towns and country houses around Cambridge.



    The students come from different country. We study and play together. We get up early to do exercise in the morning ,when you come to our school very early, you can see many lovely children are doing the morning exercise, they run after each other, they jump to the trees, sit on the 3 elephants, play with their dear teachers, it is very peaceful.

    The teachers here are kind and nice. They are not only our teachers but also our friends. My school is wonderful, I want to grow up at my school.

    Let's talk about our school's cleanliness. I think we still have a lot to do with it. First, we should clean the whole school at least txice a day. Second, I know many students like eating lunch in the playground so that they can have more time to play basketball or play football. I think it is really a bad habit. We should protect our school's cleanliness, not destory! In some ways, our shcool is not very clean. But it is much better now than before. I hope our school will be much cleaner. That's all. Thank you!


    Night studying the details of the trip,a look at the map,an island,a famous city.see the city,of former geography textbooks and the novels of dickens.in england except two days of work,there are seven days of time in britain,how to arrange the seven days?london to oxford and cambridge,i will go to the list.edinburgh,manchester and liverpool feel nottingham,the ritz,birmingham,at newcastle,中文晚上學習行程的細節,在地圖,看看一個島,一個著名的城市.看城市,前地理教科書和狄更斯的小說.在英國,除了兩天的工作,有時間在英國七天,如何安排七天?倫敦,牛津和劍橋,我將去表.愛丁堡,曼徹斯特和利物浦的感覺諾丁漢,利茲,伯明翰,紐卡斯爾,。


    England travel the beauty spot introduction is tremendous from the beautiful British south, the fortress building stand up like a forest of the private of 威爾 , the boundless 荒 distributes with steep high mountain at first of the Scotland go to own the Albion of numerous Middle Ages cities,towns,houses and gardens scene beautiful.The following give everyone the introduction is some beauty spots that can be provided as visit. aa *** ENGLAND AlbionBe in love with a net, be in love with aaaThe old address of the ALNWICK fortress-promise 森伯蘭 county duke and the 珀 west families, as early as they lived in here in 1509.The external appearance of the house belongs to the basinet structure and form, the ancient 樸 is cultured, the internal but again contains the countless jewelry and picture mural. The aaa website really likesOne of BA SI-England the most beautiful and cultured cities, because of its Georgia is period of house building style but the 著 call.You can visit to one person in the jerkin Rome the bathroom ruins of the grandiosity of the nearby establishment at the hot springs here. oh ye ye。

    The BEAULIEU House-have ever been the residence of the Lord Montague, have 13 centuries to build up but is broken in the confused conflict by Henry's three a life times of the original of the Old Palace, still contain a National Motor Museum of the Lord Montague establishment here, collect more than 200s a big car,bus with race car. This text comes from aa *** BROADWAY/EVESHAM/PERSHORE-BE three very beautiful villages, among them, the Broadway is the typical section 茨 fertile 爾 virtuous mound style building, but another two then build up the blessing and five 斯s in the 赫 is the black and white alternate wood system building of the county especially. CHATSWORTH-should construct to locate German the big slice of the flank of the river plant area especially inside, is a Devonshire one a life time ducal establishment, the in the interval collects numerous invaluable jewelries, including the picture,book and furniture facilities etc..Still have here a gorgeous of garden, from the Capability Brown and the Joseph Paxton the two people's design build of, the inside still has the fountain that a water pillar jet is up to 90 meters. Welcome to aa *** Slice 斯 especially-this is an ancient city that owns 2000 history, is also England to keep a most complete city up to now, own an alternate Middle Ages building of numerous black and whites, wood system the store of the long gallery stand up like a forest in the street both sides. This text comes from aa *** Reach to pull 謨 -12 centuries to build on a big church that the river turns a corner place, the adjacent promise 曼 fortress, become one part that reaches to pull the 謨 university now. Be in love with a net, be in love with aaaJORVIK VIKING CENTRE-The Jorvik that locates to invite the gram Cape is a pirate city that haven't yet been uncovered completely by the archeologist, its conduct and actions a museum re-appears the life that the Jorvik is people for ages. the oh ye ye。The LEVENS HALL-this is the house of 伊 Lisa white ages that gets close to British lake, region, mortar 漫 ground,inset the plank 精 to pack, also cut of weird and odd bush garden. Aa *** all rights reserveLiverpool-BE call with the shell insect music band and the Liverpool and Everton football team but 著 of the 著 at the contemporary.It the dockyard region after reform still constructs its past maritime affairs atmosphere. The aaa website really likesWINCHESTER-it is a completion of work in 13 centuries, the most long elder brother in Europe especially the type church is also unique one part of 13 centuries that subsist down, the fortress building, still keep to have"second 瑟 king of round table" among them. The aaa website really likesWINDERMERE-this is a the most long of England lake, can multiply by boat from the Bowness until the lake is the Ambleside of the northern sides most. oh ye ye。

    Invite big church of the gram Cape-BE the gathering ground of the North Europe pirate at the beginning, present now of then the elder brother of 13-15 centuries is the building style in the type church especially.The town is greatly part of to is surround by the basinet city wall, then winding around the street of the turns and twists mostly in the fortress. Welcome to aa *** SCOTLAND Scotlandoh ye ye。Mountain in this Nevis-locate the British Scotch mound center a tallest of the district mountain, the top of hill all has cable car to carry you to arrive whole year round to appreciate magnificent landscape halfway up a hill. aa *** City in Edinburgh-it occupied 。

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